Cambodia is rebuilding after many years of conflict, the cause of a shortage of highly educated professionals, health care and education. Children (41% of the population) represent the future of the country, but for them and their family, school is a luxury and medical care is too expensive. Poverty is particular widespread in rural areas and among children: 40% of the children do not attend school and only 23% of schoolchildren complete primary school.

PONLEU KAMPUCHEA  was founded in 2004  by a French physician (of Cambodian origin) and someone from the educational sector to improve this situation.  She is originated by the humanitarian desire to provide free health care, education and culture to the poor population, in particular to the children and the youth of Cambodia.
PONLEU KAMPUCHEA  is located in the province Siem Reap, a rural area of about 5,000 inhabitants. This province is one of the poorest in the country despite tourist influx to the temples of Angkor.
PONLEU KAMPUCHEA chose to install its location in the village Takos, 25 km north of the town Siem Reap. The name of the foundation (Light of Cambodia) signifies your help and the help of all the volunteers: because of this help the light can shine for the children and the poor population of Takos.
In 2004, the association PONLEU KAMPUCHEA opened a school and a dispensary to enable free access to health care and education for the the community of Takos. Recently a bigger building has been constructed with better  facilities.


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