December 2016 : Aurore, Bernard, Corentin and Theo

  • Aurore, Corentin, Theo and Bernard

A short impression of our stay in Takos.

The students and our children Corentin and Theo were both excited. Emeline and Julien are very nice. In the morning English and French lessons and educational games. The remaining time was  playing time and we walked with the children.

We have had a great time here, our children were very involved. We leave the village with a wistful heart, our children talk constantly about it. We will miss them!

In addition I also gave some medical care to the children (injuries, wounds, eye infections, etc.)  For the continuity we have had contact with Isabelle, a nurse in Siem Reap. She organizes  Australian student-nurses to visit different villages once a week. If this is possible, this will be really good for the whole village. ….

Thank you very much for the opportunity to have this experience, we are very happy about it.

Attached some pictures, but I’ve made hundreds.


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