October 2016 – October 2017 : Emeline and Julien

Emeline and Julien have decided, after completion of their studies, to give humanitarian aid for one year to the Association PONLEU KAMPUCHEA. They live in the centre at Takos from the end of October.

  • Julien, a little break

A small impression of their first experiences: “our days seem the same, but every day is so different, full of surprises. The children arrive every morning at 10.00 am, the exercises are already prepared on the blackboard. The first day we have greeted every child individually to know, what level they control. Then we adjusted the lessons, each child gets an individual guidance. There are a number of laptops available, (there is now electricity) and anyone can play with it without discussion, each taking turns. After the lesson there is time for relaxation (games, music, etc.) and around 01.00 pm  the children leave to go to their Cambodian school. The neighbor makes breakfast each morning for us, costs $0.75. We have lunch in the village and in the evening we bbq the fish we bought in the village. Julien plays regularly with the children and teachers of the school across the street before sunset. We have welcomed a new occupant, Bob, a baby rabit of 3 months old. In short, “la vie est belle”. ”

Bob, the baby rabbit

  • Julien having fun

“The pace is good, the progress of some children is remarkable. Given our budget a textbook in English has been copied. Also the companion cd of songs and audio exercises, all in a playful way. Also new games have been purchased. We started to learn Khmer from the English teacher at the school across the street. One of the little ones has eye problems. Nurse Isabelle, (Dr. Toch knows her) has analyzed a sample, a bacterium. This is now being addressed. We feel very connected to this life here. ”

  • Design mural painting

In January 2017 the outer wall of the kitchen has been decorated with a mural painting. This wall was somewhat damaged, now nothing more to see.

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