• By sending the donation form:    click Bulletin faire un don
  • By sending a cheque to the head office of the foundation:

dr. Siphannal Toch
48 Boulevard Gambetta

I am aware that I will receive my tax receipt by mail upon registration of my donation.

Ponleu Kampuchea, french Association ” loi 1901″, is recognized as being of public interest, entitled to receive donations eligible for tax reduction.

If you are taxed in France, according to the current French legislation, 66% of your donations are tax-deductible on your income taxes in the limit of 20% of your taxable income (art. 200 of the General Tax Code, French Legislation). Living not in France the taxable tax legislation of your country is in force.

Keep your tax receipt, you may be requested by the administration in case of control.

All travel expenses of foundation members are personal and are in no way taken on the amounts collected by the foundation.

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