dr. Siphannal Toch 


Versie 2During my return to  Cambodia In December 1998 (after 25 years of absence from my home country) for a medical Conference in Phnom Phen, I noticed a considerable lack of diagnostic facilities even at the French Cambodian Calmette Hospital.It is a devastated country due to a civil war for a period of three decades. I realized that the misery and poverty in Cambodian is not only a result of low income, but also because of potential corruption, especially in the health sector.

Therefore, it seemed natural to me to participate in the education and health policy of the Royal Government of Cambodia and many associations. Although health is a crucial factor, the acquisition of professional knowledge and skills is also important to reduce poverty.

I started the project to found a health facility in Phnom Penh, to allow the poor population to have access to most moderne techniques in health care. (Especially the most deprived which does not have the means to travel to Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore for treatment.)

In April 2001, the first scanner center ‘Corps Entier’ became installed in Phnom Penh, thanks to the help of Scanner Poitou-Charentes and a group of dedicated volunteers.

In September 2001, the association Imcamex was created. Its mission is the training of Cambodian radiologists locally and remotely via internet, as well as the creation of a diagnostic center in Phnom Penh.

In September 2004, the articles of the association PONLEU KAMPUCHEA are deposited in the prefecture of Poitiers, to participate in the education of destitute children far away from cities. The association decides to support a remote village named Takos in an isolated and sparsely  populated area. The village (about 5000 inhabitants) is located in the province Siem Reap, 25 km north of the famous Angkor complex. Ponleu Kampuchea provides a dispensary and a school for french and english language.

In January 2006, we created the association Moharik Strey Khmer, by installing a mammogram, ultrasound and conventional radiology in Phnom Penh. The aim is free screening and treatment of breast cancer. We could not continue this because of lack of financial means.

Currently the development of the center at Takos is continued, a health, educational and cultural center for a deprived and isolated population .


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