January – February 2014 : Pierre and Yoann

From January 6th until February 28th, 2014, Pierre and Yoann have done their internship, a part of the ‘Humacité’ mission of the Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle. Yoann gave us a little report of his experience at the centre of Takos.

                                        Humanitarian Mission in Cambodia

  • I myself with the little ones

My humanitarian mission in Takos took place between January 6th and February 28th, 2014. During these two months my task was to teach French and English and the youth get acquainted with the computer, five days a week. Classes started at 10 am in the morning until 1 pm. The first part was French classes for the children between 8 to 13 years, they spoke no English, that was very difficult. So I bought a small Khmer-French dictionary and asked a student to put it on the schoolboard to translate. We studied the numbers, colors, animals, the human body as well as objects and some sentences to be able to have a little conversation. The 6/8 children had great difficulty with remembering and writing in their booklets; they were her on a voluntary basis, no compulsory school. Then a course with the discovery of the computer and Microsoft Word/Excel. Also learning how to write a letter and making a CV. Education in English was accidental. The last course was mainly French from students between 14 to 20 years. They spoke good English and one of them spoke perfect French. This was my favorite course. We practiced the past tense, future tense, subjunctive, adjectives, etc. A difficult course on starting secondary school level in France, but the pupils did well. Thanks to their knowledge of the English language we could share many things. The pupils told as a lot about the situation in their country and their own situation: no electricity, no running water, even some had never seen the city, a computer, or a camera. Although always a smile. This experience  was rewarding and will help me in my personal and professional development.

Orkoun (thank you in Cambodian)

Yoann Busson

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