June – July 2015 : Ludivine and Solène

During June – July, 2015, Ludivine and Solène have done their internship, a part of the ‘Humacité’ mission of the Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle. Ludivine and Solène gave us a little report of his experience at the centre of Takos.

Takos. 2015, June – July.

The tuk-tuk wanders between the temples of Angkor : along a vast lake where lovers gather, a troop of monkeys attract the attention of some tourists and out of small wooden houses children run waving towards us, greeting us proudly shouting “hellooooo”. When we arrive at Takos, after leaving the tuk- tuk, every morning we great the guardian and prepare our courses. Ludivine writes a few exercises and reminders on the school board, Solène does the same at the back of the class room. The pupils arrive in a hurry after their regular school, always greating with a warm smile : “hello teacher Lulu! Hello teacher Solène!” Then they rush to the room to gather the chairs, the ones with a upholstered back is their favorite. The courses always begin with revisions of the previous day, Ludivine with the youngest, Solène with the oldest. With each question to one of the pupils, an evasive look appears, the others try to whisper the answers, assuming that we do not see this. After one and a half hour the concentration of the little ones reduces, the course ends with a game. Lots of laughter, the children run everywhere with a smile from ear to ear. Meanwhile the older children to have fun is out of the question, their thirst for learning is more important and they want to work throughout the whole course! Computer courses, basic french language, English …… all subjects of interest to them, every lesson is with extraordinary concentration and attention, that we hardly see with European students! Their progress is considerable, even if the pronunciation of the french pose some problems. After a few weeks they know the basics of our languages and are able to do a simple conversation about time, moods and self-presentation. The same for the little ones, although less rigorous than the older pupils. They have progressed enormously, knowing our alphabet, basic English phrases and a few words of everyday life. We are accustomed to this daily routine and attached to these children, teased but so adorable ….. During our last meeting and time to say good bye our hearts are tight and we are well melancholic. One thing for sure : the children have learned as much from us as we have learned from them, these few months of Cambodian life will remain engraved in our hearts forever.

Ludivine Bourgeois & Solène Plancqueel

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