May – July 2018: Cloé, Léa et Océanne

We enjoyed two wonderful months thanks to the Cambodian people, their life stile and their kindness ! 


The centre of Ponleu Kampuchea:

It’s location is far away from the city Siem Reap (45 minutes by Tuk Tuk) which has allowed us to give an account of the life in the countryside of Cambodia. The structure of the centre is basic but well equipped (kitchen, 2 bedrooms with shower and toilet). The welcome of the caretaker and his wife was very friendly and throughout our stay.

Landscapes : 

We were surrounded by palm and fruit trees, a true paradise. Cambodia has many natural resources (waterfalls, trees, islands,…), but maintained very badly. The pollution has greatly shocked us. In fact, the cambodians throw without thinking all their waste in the nature and sometimes burn it. Even the children at the centre threw deliberately their waste in the nature, until we learn them to put it in a trash can.

Children and the Cambodian population:

Children are very supportive and share everything (food, games, drink, everything is shared). They are temperamental and do not like to be told no, they give you a look very easily. But soon they return to us. The Cambodian highly appreciate the fact that we are trying to integrate. However, due to the increasing tourism, some people lose their benevolence (Tuk Tuk drivers can be very insistent). Cambodia is the country of the smile, and the Cambodian never say “no”. Indeed, they may not agree with what you say, they turn it towards the way they desire. Everyone loves partying much in the night and participating in karaoke!

In conclusion, this country and its way of life are completely different from ours. It was a complete change for us to share our life at the Center and the interaction with the population.

This experience has enriched and changed us!

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Cloé, Léa, Océanne


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