You can help PONLEU KAMPUCHEA  in many ways. Any help is welcome.

You can help us by :

A donation, sponsorship and/or participation in our projects.

You can also help us by :

  • tell your immediate environment about PONLEU KAMPUCHEA and its actions.
  • contact us with people who are interested in the development of humanitarian actions in Cambodia.
  • contact us with your company if it develops humanitarian actions.
  • use your professional knowledge and skill during a mission of PONLEU KAMPUCHEA.
  • share your experiences, suggestions and ideas to improve and develop PONLEU KAMPUCHEA.
  • send us your contact information to be kept informed about the progress of projects and actions of PONLEU KAMPUCHEA.



YES, I support the actions of PONLEU KAMPUCHEA  and become a donor.
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