November 2013 : Elisabeth

Testimony of Elisabeth, December 11th, 2013


I’m back since Monday and it is a little difficult to settle. Jet lag, the cold and especially the children I left behind.
The guardian of the center at Takos picked me up every day […] The 40 minutes journey gave me the possibility to open my eyes.

I found a number of students that Roselyne and Jean-Jacques had already in February 2013.
Some even brought their notebook and we continued.
I had between 12 to 18 students (ages  8 – 13) […]
I wrote in French, a young student wrote then next to it in Khmer as well as the phonetics: so they had the word in French, the meaning in Khmer and the French phonetics and then we rehearsed and re rehearsed […]

I asked the teenagers in the class to translate sentences in the same way for me for the course of the next day […]
I used a picture book with scenes in line designed for Cambodian children […]

Initially the second course started with 6 teenagers, but reduced to 2;  it was not less interesting.
One of them learned french in high school, but was struggling to follow the program. For me this was the program of the first level in France. The other one spoke well the french language, but lacked vocabulary […]
We also used an exercise book for foreigners learning french and a textbook with explanations on serious subjects (political, human rights, etc …)
Another young one had learned french a little bit at school, he continued alone and he wanted to improve. He took every possibility he could.
He came at the end of the course of the little ones, took all the vocabulary,  then we continued with a picture book and made the sentences […]

I warned the children that Roselyne and Jean-Jacques were arriving early 2014 […]
It was a great experience!

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